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Talaiberri. Txakolindegia Talaiberri. Bodega de Txakoli Talai Berri Chacoli Winery

Even if the main Talai Berri production is focused on the elaboration of white wine, classic in Txakoli tradition, our desire for discovering new possibilities and improving our main product, has lead us to the production of Txakoli Orujo and red wine, having always in mind our wine area character.

Talai Berri White Txakoli

Talai Berri White Txakoli

Talai Berri White Txakoli is made of the two indigenous varieties: Hondarribi Zuri, making the 90% of vineyard, and Hondarribi Beltza, making the remaining 10%.

It is a young, slightly sparkling wine with a moderate graduation (10.5º - 11.5º) with a very characteristic acid touch. It has a really bright yellow-green color with an expressive fine bubble. It has very complex bouquet with fruity aroma and fresh land notes in the background. In the gustative stage, we notice it is a dry, balanced and structured wine. Its aftertaste gives us fruity notes.

In order to elaborate, one year and another, a Txakoli with such features, we use the most traditional methods with the most advanced machinery. This is how we pioneered the use of both the selection table and the vintage boxes cleaning machines.

White Txakoli Jakue

White Txakoli Jakue

Jakue is a very fruity, persistent and clean Txakoli. It reminds the white exotic fruits, such as lichy. It has a straw yellow color, without the slightest tone of rust and a faint natural gas pearl crown, due to the grape juice fermentation. In the mouth, it is greasy and unctuous, with a good balance of structure and acidity.

In order to get such a Txakoli, we have combined the most traditional and the most innovative production methods to create it. Thanks to the batonage*, we have attained the characteristic unctuosity of this Txakoli.

*Batonage: Batonage consists on stirring regularly the dregs deposited on the bottom of the deposit to make them have a greater contact with wine.

Red Txakoli Talai Berri

Red Txakoli Talai Berri

On taste, it is remarkable its black cherry color and its aromas with strong forest fruits characters. Its perception, however, evolves to aromas that remind red fruits jam. It feels smooth at palate, light and nice. It presents the craftiness and gaiety of a light wine, with a faint acidity that gives this wine distinction and a lively personality.

Pioneers on its production, it is the first and only Red Txakoli produced in a Txakoli de Gueratia Guarantee of Origin winery. This wine is made of one only grape variety: Hondarribi Beltza.

Txakoli Orujo “Lamin Ura”

Txakoli Orujo

It has a transparent crystal color, teary but not too dense, with bright flashes. Pleasant on nose: intense, not aggressive. There are some noticeable Hondarribi Zuri fruity aromas and slight toasty notes. In the mouth, it is long, fresh and lightly balsamic. It amazes because of its softness and persistence in the mouth, which gives the wine a strong personality that distinguish it from other Orujo liquors, less subtle and more aggressive.

The idea of distil the Orujo of Txakoli, arose of the constant quality research for our products. Only the grape juices of first presses (those of best quality) are used in Talai Berri White Txakoli production. The remaining grape juice is not pressed and set aside to let us obtain an exclusive distillation of Txakoli Orujo. On the other hand, while, traditionally, Orujo from coast areas produced excellent quality distillations, we believe that Orujo made out of our varieties can also produce excellent results. What was no more than a mere intuition at the beginning, has resulted in a production that, despite being very limited, has become a pride for our winery, since it is the symbol of our devotion to innovation and quality.

Vinegar and Bittersweet TTANTTA

Txakoli Blanco Jakue


To devise the vinegar and the bittersweet TTANTTA we have elected a method that follows a slowly and careful process, that permits to extract the better characteristics of their original wine, conserving to the maximum their volatile composition, against methods of fast fermentation that are used very often nowadays.
It is a traditional method with near 150 years of application: Method Schützenbach. It consists on passing, of a slow and continuous way, the wine of the variety Hondarribi Zuri through a large layer of acetic bacteria shavings, while otherwise; it circulates an air current by natural shot.
This method is the most appropriate for the production of select vinegars, like the vinegar and the bittersweet TTANTTA, in which the time and the performance is sacrificed to improve their organoleptics properties.


It is young vinegar, without aging, for which once transformed the wine in vinegar is bottled to conserve its coolness and strength.
Of pale yellow color. In nose the fruity fragrances of the variety Hondarribi Zuri are much emphasized and in mouth, the acidity is intense, not aggressive and with some citrus notes.


It is a vinegar with tradition submitted to a process of ripening in French oak barrels. The wood contributes own fragrances getting to tune up and balance the bittersweet, obtaining in this way, the perfection and the maximum subtlety.
Of old gold color with good aromatic intensity. Classical smells of sublime elegance, very fruity, fresh and silky body with a sweet note very well integrated with the acidity.

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